Primary tools

Primary tools

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The primary tools comprise the core of the plugin. They are the most important to generate the reconstructions and are designed to be used successively in the order of the description.
For each tool a Youtube video is available, illustrating its functionality.

The primary tools include the following four algorithms in their expected use order:

  1. Compile Topo- / Bathymetry Icon for Compile Topo/Bathymetry
  2. Link to the VIDEO

  3. Set Paleoshorelines Icon for Set Paleoshorelines
  4. Link to the VIDEO

  5. Modify Topo- / Bathymetry Icon for Modify Topo/Bathymetry
  6. Link to the VIDEO

  7. Create Topo- / Bathymetry Icon for Create Topo/Bathymetry
  8. Link to the VIDEO

Link to the VIDEO about the combined use of Modify topo / Bathymetry and Create Topo / Bathymetry

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