Color Palettes

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Version 1.1
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Color Palettes

Version 1.0

By default, Terra Antiqua has its own color palette (Terra Antiqua color scheme). Alternatively, you may use any color palette you want. You may create it yourself, download it from the internet, or another source.
Here you can create color schemes, and here you can download predefined color palettes available for free under open licenses.

You may add a color palette using the tool Change Map Symbology Icon for Standard Processing Tools.

Please remember that the color palettes must be in .cpt format. The name of the color palette that will be listed in Terra Antiqua should be added in the first line of the .cpt file, following a hashtag.

Color palettes delivered with Terra Antiqua

Two color schemes are installed by default with this plugin.

  • Terra Antiqua color scheme (designed by Diego Ruiz)

  • Ocean_land_3 (designed by Fernando Poblete)

See the tool Change Map Symbology Icon for Standard Processing Tools to quickly switch from one to another.

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